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  • Voneus Broadband

    If you were not able to come along to the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 16 May, to hear more about Voneus Broadband, but would like to find out more and register your interest, please see their website for details:

    Their service should provide a 50Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed (min 24Mbps:24Mbps) via small circular mesh antennas approximately 14cm in diameter which need to be mounted on the outside of your home. It works on a ‘line-of-sight’ principle so each house receiving a service needs to be able to ‘see’ (i.e. no trees or buildings etc in the way) either a repeater antenna or one of the main distribution antennas.They have to work with the local communities to see that there are enough people interested for it to be viable for them and need a minimum of about 60-65 houses to register their interest before they will come and survey the village. Registering interest does not commit you to any service but is just an expression of interest. Voneus currently has about 30 homes registered from Upleadon and about 20 from Pauntley but need about another 30 from Upleadon for it to be a viable proposition for them. Once they have surveyed the area, it will take a minimum of 4 months for the service to go live, at which point homeowners can sign up for the service and receive speeds greater than that provided via our phone lines. The installation is very small and quite discreet in most cases. It needs to be mounted high up and chimneys, TV masts or drainpipes provide suitable mounting points.Once the service is live, there is no requirement to keep a BT phone line, all telephony services can be provided by VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) through your broadband service and any VOIP service provider may be used though Voneus have a provider they are partnered with. More information on the various packages, costs and data allowances are available on their web page  We need more people to register their interest as we currently do not have enough registered interest for them to come and survey our village. You can register your interest through their website (above).

Welcome to the website for Pauntley parish, a small community in an area of beautiful countryside in the north-west of Gloucestershire, about 4 miles from Newent.  To the north-west, we look out to the Malvern Hills, and the prominent landmark of May Hill can be seen to the south-east beyond Newent. Settlement in the parish is largely scattered, apart from the three hamlets in the parish at Ketford, Pool Hill and Brand Green. Although we have no shop or pub, we have a thriving primary school and an active village hall, both of which form focal points for the parish.

Pauntley is well-known as the probable birthplace of Dick Whittington, whose family owned the manor house here, Pauntley Court, at the time of his birth in the 14th century. Adjacent to the Court is the church of St John the Evangelist with its fine Norman south doorway, with a chevron arch and a carved tympanum of the Dymock school.

This website is maintained by the community and aims to provide information about the parish for local residents and visitors.  We would welcome any news, information or photographs for inclusion on the site – please contact us using the Contact Us page.